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This a great tool for the customer that doesn't have our monitoring services to allow us to remotely access their computer if they are having issues. We are able to cure most issues remotely as long as there is a stable internet connection present. Click Here to download and install the remote rescue calling card for easy access to our trained staff.

Welcome to our Client Service Desk System.  Our latest tool helps us manage requests, track progress, communicate status updates with end users and builds a client focused knowledge base.  We hope you enjoy using the application.  Please send us any suggestions you might have by creating a ticket in the help-desk. Click Here to login.  If you do not have a login, please contact our Network Operations Team at 507-437-8324 and we will be happy to assist.

There are a wide variety of helpful tips and tech hint that are available in the world today. Click Here to find some that we found to be the most beneficial to all our customers, from grandma that cant get a hold of the grand-kids to the corporate executive that needs a easy fix. We promise you will not be disappointed.