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Retail Shop Remodel 2011

We've come a long way...

Back in 2009 we took up space in an old insurance office.  Coffee stains, peeling wall-paper and water-stained ceiling tiles.  Here's a little look at the history of our store.   To see our store now - click here.

Retail Shop Remodel 2011

Here's a quick glance at our Retail Shop Make-over.  Out with the 80's wall-paper and in with our Purple/Silver Themes.

  • We've added an Urgent Care Service Center.
  • We've expanded our Ink/Toner Selections.
  • New Laptop and Desktop Display Areas.
  • Our Business Services Rack is now on display.

Stop by today to see the new (2011) shop at:

313 3rd Ave NE, Austin MN

Urgent Care Service Desk:

Previous Look: