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Video Surveillance

Most Popular Video Surveillance Applications
The following examples cover the most popular applications of video surveillance systems, Call us today to learn how securing your facility with a surveillance camera system can bring you peace of mind and improve management of your organization.

Remote & Mobile Monitoring:
Want an easy way to manage alerts, view live camera feeds, or review recorded video all while away from your video surveillance system?

Remote and mobile apps keep you connected through your smartphone, tablet, or computer while traveling, working off-site, or at home.
  Facility Protection:
Secure the perimeter of your property with HD video surveillance cameras to thwart trespassers and create a safer environment.

Protecting your facility with security cameras plays a critical role in improving operations and preventing criminal acts.
  Loss Prevention:
If your business stocks expensive equipment or handles large amounts of merchandise, it is important to protect those assets.

You can quickly log into the system if any alarms are triggered on locked doors to see what happened,
and identify the possible thief with an HD IP camera.
  Internet Security Systems:
IP, or internet protocol, video surveillance cameras use the power of internet networking to send and receive data.
This makes them easy to install and connect to your system, and you can view live camera feeds at any time with free mobile apps for smartphones and tablets.
  Outdoor Camera Systems:
Outdoor cameras come in a specialized housing that protects the sensitive electrical equipment from extreme temperatures, rain, snow, ice, and dust.

These cameras are durable enough to monitor parking lots and parking garages, parks and public spaces, and building entrances and exits.
  Parking Lots:
There is a lot to monitor for in parking lots—potential accidents and damage to vehicles, theft, or vandalism.

With a powerful HD video surveillance system, however, you can monitor even the largest parking lots with clear megapixel video of any suspicious activity or accidents.
  Employee Safety:
Stay in compliance with safety regulations by investing in video surveillance system for your business or organization.

Increased employee safety can also protect the employer from frivolous employee lawsuits by giving an impartial view of an incident.